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Voting changes on hold for now

Vaughan councillors agree a report by the city’s task force on democratic participation and renewal is both progressive and practical. But the overall response by Vaughan’s council members to the report’s 16 recommendations was lukewarm.

‘I’ve never seen any devastation like this,’ mayor says

It’s a miracle Vaughan escaped without the loss of a single life or any serious injuries, Mayor Linda Jackson says. Four areas of the city were hit hard by wicked weather, which spawned tornadoes, that tore through yesterday evening: Martin Grove Rd. and Andrew Park, Moonstone Pl. and Houston Rd. and Islington Ave. and Gamble St. in Woodbridge, and in the area of Melville Ave. and Haymer Dr. in Maple.

Law set for review

It’s routine, predictable and even mundane, but “thank God” it’s happening, Regional Councillor Joyce Frustaglio says. The province has begun its standard review of the Municipal Elections Act – the law that governs how candidates can raise and spend money – two years ahead of Ontarians’ next trip to the polls.

There’s a new bird in town

The colonel’s chicken this ain’t. But it does have people lickin’ their fingers and coming back for more. Roasty Chicken Churrasqueira celebrated its grand opening in Maple this month, though the eatery’s Portuguese-style rotisserie birds have been flying out its open doors for a couple

Diva gains Stratusfaction from yoga

Former wrestling champ opens yoga studio close to home It’s not quite noon but it’s already been a long day for Trish Stratus. The retired World Wrestling Entertainment Diva has been busy all morning talking to media — including an early morning appearance on Breakfast

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Budget consultation attracts little interest from public

Dozens of seats in the cafeteria at Vellore Village Community Centre were empty at Monday’s public budget consultation, leaving the city’s budget chief concerned.

The Woodbridge forum, the first of three in Vaughan’s 2008 draft budget process, was an opportunity for the public to interact with councillors and city staff on how the budget should be crafted.

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Top equipment firm coming here

Kidde Canada, the country’s leading supplier of fire safety equipment, is moving from its Markham headquarters to Vaughan in January, the company’s chief financial officer Robert Pizzola said last week.

The planned move follows the expiration of Kidde’s lease, which forced the company to examine its options.

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On the fringe – why do they even bother?

For candidates outside the big four parties, getting their message out can be the most important goal

The big-top tents of the four major parties in Ontario politics have front doors that are well-defined squares. To get inside, a candidate needs to be a square, more or less.

But what if a round or a triangular politico comes along? What’s an activist dodecagon to do?