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Toronto backs subway plan

The City of Toronto signalled its conditional support for the Yonge St. subway extension Monday, giving the project an important shot in the arm. With York Region leading the push, the province’s announcement of its intent to back the initiative in its $17.5-billion Move Ontario 2020 plan and Metrolinx naming the extension as a priority, only Toronto’s endorsement was conspicuously absent. Until now.

Subway plans on track, officials say

Transport Canada and TTC officials aren’t quite sure what all the hubbub is about. Though the two organizations insist things on the Spadina subway extension are rolling along nicely, they are each being blamed by some political observers for an apparent lack of progress.

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St. Clair streetcars sail

In the early hours of Feb. 18, the 512 streetcar rolled back into full service along the strip of St. Clair between St. Clair station and Vaughan Road. For 19 long months, buses had ferried people to and fro while the TTC tried and ultimately