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Clocking your ER wait

York Central Hospital ER patients with serious conditions are waiting longer to be discharged or admitted to a hospital bed than the provincial average. According to, a site launched last week by the province, patients with complex conditions face wait times of 15.3 hours at York Central, above the provincial average of 13.5.

Welcoming care closer to home

Vaughanians living with chronic kidney disease will soon have access to life-sustaining dialysis treatment much closer to home. The province and York Central Hospital recently announced plans to launch a new dialysis unit at 9401 Jane St. this fall.

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ER kiosks speak Urdu

We may not have two-tier health care, but The Scarborough Hospital (TSH) is plunging into self-service health care. No, it’s not handing out suture kits or defibrillators to patients, but rather installing computer kiosks that will allow a patient to update his or her condition