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Week 5 – Google Maps

Copy editing

Google Maps

View The Old Neighbourhood in a larger map

View Workin’ on Queen’s Quay in a larger map

View New temp dumps in a larger map

The assignment:

In-class, worth 5 per cent. You should be able to get this done by the end of class. I’ll be around to help, of course.

  1. Create a Google Map of whatever narrative you like. If you’re stuck for an idea, make a map of your childhood neighbourhood or one particularly memorable adventure you had, like getting lost.
  2. Your map should include:
    1. Title and description
    2. A shape
    3. A line
    4. At least 10 pins – each pin will have some text that tells part of your story
    5. Of those pins, at least two will feature photos and another two will feature videos
  3. When you’re finished your map, log in to your team website, create a new post, give it a headline, write some brief text and embed your map.

For next week:

  • Guest speaker at the CCC!
  • Bring your audio recorders – you’ll record the talk, then edit the audio to go with a very short story you’ll write based on the talk.