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School hit by tornado won’t be ready Sept. 8

St. Peter students headed to nearby schools till October

WOODBRIDGE – The York Catholic school board has announced its plans for students of the tornado-damaged St. Peter Catholic Elementary School.

Repairs are underway but the Woodbridge school won’t be ready when the first bell rings Sept. 8.

Teachers, staff and 400 students will start their school year at two nearby schools: St. Francis of Assisi CES and Immaculate Conception CES, both on Aberdeen Ave. Both are within a 10-minute drive of St. Peter.

Junior kindergarten to grade 6 classes and language centre students will be moved to Immaculate Conception. Grade 7 and 8 classes will be held at St. Francis of Assisi.

The board will provide transportation for students.

The tornado that ravaged parts of Woodbridge and Maple Aug. 20 tore three HVAC units from St. Peter’s roof, which was itself lifted in parts. The building also suffered some internal water damage.

“Our primary goal is to ensure that St. Peter is a 100 percent clean and safe environment before re-opening it to students and staff,” said Susan LaRosa, Director of Education. “The school will be thoroughly inspected and undergo environmental testing prior to re-occupancy.”

The board is aiming to re-open St. Peter Oct. 13.

Updates on the school’s condition can be found at

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In print: September 4, 2009, page 4
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