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Cleanup underway but school won’t be ready Sept. 8

SCHOOL'S OUT: Workers hurry to repair storm damage to St. Peter's CES, which had three HVAC units ripped from its roof and suffered water damage inside. The Woodbridge school won't be ready for the start of the school year. (Philip Alves/Vaughan Today)

WOODBRIDGE – Students at St. Peter Catholic Elementary School and their parents face a change in their back-to-school routine come Sept. 8.

The Woodbridge school was in the path of the tornado that ripped through the city last week and will not be ready in time for the start of the academic year, the York Catholic District School Board announced Thursday.

Three HVAC units were torn from the roof, which was itself lifted in parts, and the building suffered some water damage, board spokesperson Chris Cable said Monday.

“While it was damaged significantly, it is not devastating damage,” she said. “In other words, it’s all repairable.”

Repairs are underway at St. Peter, located at 120 Andrew Park Cres., but will take longer than board officials had hoped.

Teachers, staff and 400 students will start their school year at two nearby schools: St. Francis of Assisi CES and Immaculate Conception CES, both on Aberdeen Ave. in Woodbridge. Which grades will be sent to each school has yet to be determined. Transportation will be provided.

The board is aiming to re-open St. Peter immediately after Thanksgiving, which falls on Oct. 12.

“We will only open it if it is a 100 percent safe environment for all the staff and students,” Cable said.

To the northeast of St. Peter, Toronto District Christian High School escaped the sort of damage wreaked on the elementary school, but it wasn’t left unscathed.

Dozens of trees lining the west side of the high school’s sports field lost branches or were knocked over, Tim Buwalda, Toronto District Christian’s communications coordinator said in a statement. Several more large trees were completely uprooted.

Vaughan Today
Online: August 29, 2009 [link]