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Bosh takes game on the road to Woodbridge

HEIGHT DIFFERENCE: Toronto Raptor Chris Bosh, towering over Naji Naeemzada, paid a visit to the Woodbridger last week for some street hoops. Naeemzada won the Direct Energy Driveway Challenge for the chance to host the all-star. (Philip Alves/Vaughan Today)

WOODBRIDGE – Toronto Raptor Chris Bosh brought a little NBA excitement to a sleepy Woodbridge street last week.

The all-star paid a visit to Starling St. to take on Naji Naeemzada in a game of pick-up.

Naeemzada won the Direct Energy Driveway Challenge after beating out six semifinalists.

“I never dreamed that I’d have one of the Raptors shooting hoops in front of my house, let alone Chris Bosh,” he said.

Two teams of friends and family squared off — Naeemzada’s squad was coached by the Raptor, the other by Bosh.

Despite the all-star’s talent, Naeemzada’s team came out on top.

The Raptors Dance Pak and the Score’s Cabbie were there with Bosh and the Raptor to get the crowd pumped up.

Vaughan Today
Online: July 29, 2009 [link]