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Cash for area seniors’ groups

Feds announce more than $60,000 for programs

THORNHILL MP Peter Kent announced more than $60,000 in federal money for three Vaughan seniors' groups recently. (Courtesy Peter Kent)

Isolated seniors in Vaughan have reason to feel a little more connected.

On March 16, Thornhill MP Peter Kent announced more than $60,000 in federal money for three seniors’ groups: the Concord West Seniors Club, the First Chinese Seniors Association of Vaughan and the Seniors Enrichment Centre.

“The Government of Canada is proud to support seniors in strengthening our communities and building our country,” Kent said in a statement.

The largest portion of the money, $25,000, went to the First Chinese Seniors Association for its Diversified Wellness Benefits for Isolated House Bound Chinese Seniors project.

Friendly Visiting Isolated and Vulnerable Seniors by Seniors, a program of the Seniors Enrichment Centre, received $19,000. The program is meant to bring recreation and cheer to seniors while reducing their isolation.

The Concord West Seniors Club, which hosted Kent’s announcement, received more than $18,000 for its Prevent Social Isolation and Promote Active Healthy Living For Our Seniors project, which aims to build healthy relationships between seniors and youth.

“These projects will encourage seniors in Thornhill, Vaughan and Concord to continue sharing their skills, wisdom and experience to benefit others,” Kent said.

The money announced was delivered under the New Horizons for Seniors Program, which has helped fund more than 4,200 projects across Canada since its launch.

Vaughan Today
In print: March 27, 2009, page 3
Online: March 31, 2009 [link]