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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Clocking your ER wait

York Central Hospital ER patients with serious conditions are waiting longer to be discharged or admitted to a hospital bed than the provincial average. According to, a site launched last week by the province, patients with complex conditions face wait times of 15.3 hours at York Central, above the provincial average of 13.5.

Common cents approach

With the economy on the skids, people everywhere are taking a fresh look at their financial situations. And that’s as it should be, says Gail Vaz-Oxlade, host of Slice’s Til Debt Do Us Part. “I’ve been singing this song for a while and all of a sudden everybody’s just got the songbook,” she says. “It’s just common sense: you can’t spend more money than you make.”

Welcoming care closer to home

Vaughanians living with chronic kidney disease will soon have access to life-sustaining dialysis treatment much closer to home. The province and York Central Hospital recently announced plans to launch a new dialysis unit at 9401 Jane St. this fall.

Weapons under fire

York police pulled the trigger this week on a program aimed at getting illegal firearms off the streets and legal ones into proper, secure storage. The Safe and Secure Gun Program has three components: gun surrender, enhanced tracking and analysis of stolen and recovered guns, and home and commercial security assessments.

Teaching right from the heart

Tiziana DiCastro has a tough job to do and she does it very well, her boss says. DiCastro is both a preschool teacher and supervisor of early childhood education at Royal Crest Academy in Maple.