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90-year-old man defrauded: cops

The York Regional Police Central Fraud Bureau has arrested a Vaughan woman for allegedly defrauding a 90-year-old man.

The suspect met the victim at his bank in September, police say. They struck up a conversation, during which the woman offered to help him as a caregiver.

Over their time together, the suspect didn’t fulfill her end of the bargain but billed the victim anyway, police say.

She also took the victim to a bank, where they opened an unsecured line of credit in the victim’s name, police say. Later realizing the suspect intended to defraud him, the victim returned to the bank and cancelled the line of credit.

Gillian Lyte, 51, of Vaughan was charged with fraud over $5,000, making false statements and uttering false statements.

Vaughan Today
In print: December 19, 2008, page 7
Online: December 21, 2008 [link]