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Fire damage shuts down restaurant

York Regional Health Services inspectors briefly closed a fire-damaged Vaughan eatery recently under the Health Protection and Promotion Act.

New York Fries, located at 1 Bass Pro Mills Dr. in Concord, was shut on Sept. 19.

It re-opened the next day.

Restaurant closures in York Region are rare. Fire-damaged eateries are ordered to close as a matter of course.

In 2007, more than 4,000 inspections were carried out resulting in 50 provincial offences notices being issued.

Eleven establishments were ordered closed for infractions under the act.

A version of this article appears in print Sept. 26, 2008 on page 4.

Vaughan Today
In print: September 26, 2008, page 4
Online: October 1, 2008 [link]