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Conservative board sees changes

It’s a family affair at the Vaughan Conservative riding association.

Several members of the association’s board stepped down at its recent annual general meeting, making way for some new, yet related, blood.

Gone are Robert Zuccarini, Raymond Plouffe and former first vice-president Mario Campese. In are Carolyn Shaw, Campese’s daughter, and Leandra Lorello, Vaughan Conservative candidate Richard Lorello’s daughter.

“There’s nothing wrong with a parent wanting to get their kids involved in something that they feel is going to be useful for them down the road,” Lorello said last Monday. “I spoke to my daughter about it and she was willing … to help the board as well as help me, so why not?”

The change in leadership at the riding association, Lorello said, was a routine occurrence that happened under the watchful eye of the federal party.

“In Mr. Campese’s case, it’s pretty explanatory,” he said. “He wants to concentrate on helping his wife, the mayor.

“He was quite honest with us that he wouldn’t have as much time to spend. It was disappointing, but we respect his decision.”

A third party monitored voting for the board’s new members, Lorello added.

“There’s nothing sinister,” he said. “We’re not trying to hide anything.”

Vaughan Today
Online: July 29, 2008 [link]