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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Subway plans on track, officials say

Transport Canada and TTC officials aren’t quite sure what all the hubbub is about. Though the two organizations insist things on the Spadina subway extension are rolling along nicely, they are each being blamed by some political observers for an apparent lack of progress.

Personalities a marketable payload for businessmen

Bryan Welsh lives in Stouffville but works in Mississagua. His commute takes him around the top of Toronto, avoiding the gridlocked streets. “I’m a 407 slave,” he says. When he needed a new suit, though, he found himself at Korry’s Clothiers — Saul Korman’s shop on the Danforth. Far from his usual route, it’s a place he’d never stepped foot in before.

Diva gains Stratusfaction from yoga

Former wrestling champ opens yoga studio close to home It’s not quite noon but it’s already been a long day for Trish Stratus. The retired World Wrestling Entertainment Diva has been busy all morning talking to media — including an early morning appearance on Breakfast