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New city travel plan takes off at council

City officials embarking on future trade missions will be governed by a new set of official strategy, protocol and logistics guidelines.

The new policy, pushed for by Mayor Linda Jackson and adopted by council this month, compels city staff, councillors and the mayor to seek out the most economical airfares for their official comings and goings.

In addition, prospective business travellers will have to determine if and when the costlier option of business class travel is warranted.

Staff is also now expected to submit a report prior to an official delegation’s departure that details the specifics of their mission, including identification of the mission’s goals, planned business, industry and diplomatic contacts, and the composition of the delegation itself.

The new travel policy explicitly states that personal costs rung up during a business trip will not be paid for by the city.

Follow-up reports for all trade missions are now expected as soon as possible, and at the one and three year marks after a mission wraps up.

Vaughan Today
Online: February 25, 2008 [link]