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Youth councillor position filled again

Michael Radov has once again been named to the youth city councillor position, filling the vacancy left following the end of Steven Xu’s term in June.

Radov was named to the position for the spring term of office, which runs February to June.

The Maple resident was originally acclaimed to the position of youth councillor in September, after an underwhelming search for applicants, which ended in June, yielded just one name: Radov’s.

He was forced to decline the position for the fall term, informing Deputy City Clerk Sybil Fernandes that timing conflicts with other courses in his high school schedule were to blame. The position remained unfilled.

The position of youth city councillor serves as a one- or two-credit co-op education course, applicable toward a high school diploma. Successful applicants are allowed to attend council meetings as non-voting members while championing youth-related issues.

Vaughan created the youth city councillor position last year, the first Canadian city to do so.

Vaughan Today
Online: January 20, 2008 [link]