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Defence motion filed by Ruffolos in suit

Gino and Mary Ruffolo have filed notice of intent to defend themselves against the legal action commenced by the City of Vaughan on Nov. 20.

The move by the Ruffolos affords them and their lawyer, Eric Gillespie, an additional 10 days to draft and file their statement of defence, giving them 30 days in total.

In its statement of claim, the City of Vaughan alleges that the Ruffolos have failed to cease harassing staff, breaching the terms of a 2006 settlement agreement.

That settlement, reached on June 22, 2006, followed a year of negotiations to conclude a wrongful dismissal suit brought by Mary Ruffolo, a former city employee.

She was awarded $160,000 in return for her withdrawing all outstanding complaints against the city and its staff.

It is also the city’s position that it was understood during negotiations of the original settlement that both Mary and Gino Ruffolo would no longer engage in behaviour the city viewed as harassing.

The city’s claim against the Ruffolos alleges numerous instances of “persistent, repeated, intentional and malicious” behaviour dating back to Sept. 25, 2006.

The city is seeking more than $395,000 in damages.

Vaughan Today
Online: December 21, 2007 [link]