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City Briefs: Vaughan to purchase vehicles

Councillors have been doing some comparison-shopping for new vehicles to add to their municipal fleet and voted Monday on which wheels to buy.

Council agreed to city staff’s recommendation to purchase one cargo van and 11 pickup trucks at a total cost of just over $420,000, taxes included. Four of the eight dealerships that submitted bids were successful.

In addition, the city is also set to buy six mowers at a cost of $164,000, tax included. Three of the machines are six-foot, zero-turn mowers and the other three are ten-foot rotary mowers. Two companies were successful in bidding.

Council had approved funding for the purchases as part of the city’s ongoing equipment program.

New all-way stop

An all-way stop is coming to the intersection of Edgeley Blvd. and Four Valley Dr. south of Vaughan Mills in Concord.

Councillors voted Monday to adopt the recommendation made by Bill Robinson, the commissioner of engineering and public works, who’s staff had been asked in October to determine whether an all-way stop or a traffic light should be installed.

The study, conducted over two days in late October, determined that an all-way stop would suffice.

Robinson’s recommendation also includes a request to York police for more stringent enforcement of the speed limit on Edgeley. Traffic recording devices used in the study logged average speeds as high as 60 km/h, 10 km/h faster than the posted limit.

Vaughan Today
Online: December 18, 2007 [link]