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City above Toronto no more?

Vaughan’s brand, including the venerable “The City Above Toronto” tagline and familiar logo, might be too old and tired to be effective any more, council members agree.

But they won’t take their own word for it.

Councillors agreed to set aside $28,000 in the 2008 budget to pay a market research consultant to develop and conduct a survey of “key Vaughan stakeholders”, including ratepayers’ and business groups.

Regional Councillor Gino Rosati expressed his concern at committee last week about the need to hire an outside consultant when staff should be able to conduct the survey ably.

A further component of this initial step toward a possible rebranding of the city’s corporate identity is the establishment of a working group made up of the mayor, councillors, the city or deputy city manager and the director of corporate communications.

Vaughan Today
Online: December 18, 2007 [link]