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Restaurants face health charges

Five Vaughan restaurants were charged last month under the Health Protection and Promotion Act by York Regional Health Services inspectors.

Sukiyaki, at 1 Bass Pro Mills Dr. in Concord, was charged on Sept. 24 with operating in a manner adversely affecting sanitary conditions.

Two Thornhill restaurants were charged the following day.

Ginza Sushi Restaurant, at 7330 Yonge St., was cited for failing to store hazardous foods at the proper temperatures. Lichee Garden, at 1416 Centre St., was charged with not providing a sufficient chemical solution rinse in its maintenance of mechanical equipment.

These charges follow others levied against two other Vaughan restaurants the week before.

The Coffee Time Donuts location at 8540 Keele St. in Concord was charged on Sept. 20 with storing ungraded eggs.

The same day, Hockey Sushi, at 1102 Centre St. in Thornhill, was charged with three offences: operating in a manner adversely affecting sanitary conditions, failing to maintain hazardous foods at the proper internal temperatures, and using a basin for more than just employee hand-washing.

Vaughan Today
Friday, October 19, 2007
Page: 3
Byline: Philip Alves