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PC candidate wins court battle against city over election sign restriction

Thornhill PC candidate Peter Shurman emerged victorious last week after a constitutional battle with the City of Vaughan over lawn signs.

The Shurman campaign challenged a city bylaw that prohibited candidates from erecting election signs until 21 days before the Oct. 10 vote. The suit alleged that the bylaw interfered with a candidate’s ability to place the signs during the writ period, which began on Sept. 10.

On Friday, Superior Court Justice Alexander Sosna agreed and granted an injunction barring the city from taking down campaign signs. He also awarded the Shurman campaign $2,500 in legal costs.

Lorenzo Catuzza, campaign manager for Vaughan Liberal incumbent Greg Sorbara, said in a recent interview that the lawn sign lawsuit was “an interesting situation”.

“The rules are what they are,” he said coolly. “As long as everyone’s basically got the same playbook, then that’s fine.”

Vaughan Today
Friday, September 21, 2007
Page: 7
Byline: Philip Alves