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PC no-show for TV show

The televised all-candidates debate for the riding of Vaughan airing on Rogers Television this weekend will be one candidate short of living up to its billing.

Producer Jennifer Harrison confirmed on Wednesday that PC candidate Gayani Weerasinghe was absent from the pre-taped debate, leaving Green Party candidate Russell Korus and NDP candidate Rick Morelli to take on Liberal incumbent Greg Sorbara.

“It’s an indication of how the Conservatives have given up on this riding,” Korus said by phone. “They obviously feel there’s no sense in even competing in this riding.”

Sorbara should have no trouble retaking Vaughan, political observers say, casting doubt on whether Weerasinghe’s absence will have an impact on the race.

“I wasn’t able to make it,” was the only comment Weerasinghe made before press time.

“Only having three of us actually made for a better discussion,” Korus said. “We were all able to have a chance to speak.”

The debate airs on Rogers Television at 9 a.m. on Sunday.

Vaughan Today 
Friday, September 14, 2007 
Page: 2
Byline: Philip Alves