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City recognized by green award for urban trees

A recent award given to Vaughan confirms that the city is succeeding in bringing a bit of paradise back to its parking lots.

Green Streets Canada, a program of the Ottawa-based non-profit Tree Canada Foundation, has recognized Vaughan for its urban forestry programs. Neighbouring community Brampton was among 15 other communities across the country also named as 2007-08 winners.

“Our conservation and tree lot protection policies are a testament to Vaughan’s commitment to our natural heritage and environment,” said Ward 1 Councillor Peter Meffe in a statement.

Along with the recognition, the 16 winning communities will split $189,000 in prize money to support the initiatives that made them champions.

“Green Streets Canada rewards municipalities for their hard work and recognizes the importance of ensuring that trees not only survive but flourish,” said Mayor Linda Jackson in a statement. “The funding will be used to develop new ways to sustain the health of our urban forests.”

Green Streets Canada was designed to encourage innovation in municipal forest management.

This is Vaughan’s first Green Streets Award since it was first handed out in 1994, though the Regional Municipality of York won in 1998. Other past winners include Richmond Hill and Markham, which have each won twice.

Vaughan Today 
Friday, September 14, 2007 
Page: 9
Byline: Philip Alves