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Monthly Archives: December 2006

Bridging the Atlantic

While on vacation in Trás-os-Montes, Portugal a few years ago, Manuel Fernandes, his wife Ana and some of her family were enjoying a Douro-region wine with their conversation. With land-owners and grape growers in Ana’s family, talk often turned to wine. This time was no different.

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Free-Jack City

Smiley Guy Studios has set Odd Job Jack free through a novel copyright licence. Philip Alves tracks Jack. Jack Ryder is a 20-something university graduate with a sociology degree. In debt and without any solid prospects for steady employment, he returns to Odd Jobs Unlimited

Open For Business

…And famous for it. Toronto’s full of celebrity retail types trying to sell you something, and you’re buying. Philip Alves does some celebrity shopping. Bryan Welsh lives in Stouffville, Ont., and works in Mississagua for QTG Canada Inc. across from Square One Shopping Centre. His

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Just the FACTs

The music video business has been churning out quality product for years. Philip Alves looks at how VideoFACT helps Toronto artists. On Sept. 18, Toronto’s Phoenix Concert Theatre hosted the first-ever Polaris Music Prize ceremony to honour the best Canadian album, as voted by music

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Doin’ It Their Way

Toronto is a good place to be if you’re an indie artist or band. Philip Alves takes a closer look. On April 6, 2003, the Corel Centre near Ottawa hosted the Juno Awards. Broken Social Scene (BSS) won Alternative Album of the Year for its